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"Families for Autism Services" is a campaign to coordinate advocacy efforts aimed at improving the lives of individuals with autism.  


We respect and value the uniqueness of all individuals with autism; when provided the opportunity, each person can make a unique contribution to their family, community, and society.


With government assistance and funding, autism services have improved the lives of individuals with autism, supported their families, and educated those that we care about with autism. 

Our mission is to dramatically improve access to autism benefits and services throughout the state of Louisiana through advocacy and education. 

With thousands of families impacted, our goal is to unite the autism community with one voice to advocate for the best services for our loved ones with autism. 

To accomplish that, we have partnered with a digital advocacy platform, one click politics, which will assist everyone who cares about these services to contact their elected officials. 

Please join us in advocating for these services by signing up to advocate! 

Below is a short video on how that system works: 

Desk Telephone

Call Your Legislators about important issues. 


Send e-mails to your legislators about the importance of autism services. 

Digital social media

Tweet your Legislators about important issues and share your efforts on social media. 

Painted Heart

Encourage your loved ones to help us to advocate for the future of autism services. 

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